Strange Thing That Happened Last Night Thanks To GPS

Did something ever happen that was so weird and so unusual that you’re wondering how could it possibly happen? Last night, such a thing happened to me.

Last night I was in my kitchen when I noticed someone DRIVING on my front lawn. Excuse me? Can I help you?

A woman got out of her car and asked if my house was a certain Bed and Breakfast. Now, my house does not look like a B&B. “No, this is a private home.” And then she said something really funny “My GPS said that I should turn here.”

So a woman drove down my driveway, avoided the three cars that were parked there (yes, I had friends over), drove up on the lawn, and only stopped when she ran out of space because her GPS told her to turn? Really?

How about using a little common sense? How about asking yourself ‘Does this look like the photo I saw online for the B&B?’ How about parking behind the other cars and asking before driving on my lawn.

When she realized she was wrong, she began to back up out of my driveway. Thank goodness my friend Ken recommended we move the cars out-of-the-way. I can picture her ramming into our cars on the way out.

It was so strange, that it almost doesn’t seem like it really happened.

“The GPS told me to turn.” How funny is that!


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