What I Learned in 2015

I learned a lot from 2015.

I learned that falling down is easy. Getting up is hard.

I learned that great ideas will come from the most unexpected places.

I learned to accept the ‘new normal’ that surrounds me every day.

I learned that it’s OK to let go.

I learned that wearing cashmere sweaters invites people to hug you.

I learned that the little detail could save someone’s life.

I learned that the toughest conversations could lead to renewed hope.

I learned to accept help.

I learned to enjoy the moment instead of just the achievement.

I learned how to put down my phone.

I learned how to stop making goals that are impossible to reach.

I learned who my true friends are.

I learned to fingerpick my guitar.

I learned the simple enjoyment of splitting wood.

I learned that 600 miles is not too far to drive for a football game.

I learned that I don’t mind hanging curtains.

I learned that I have the greatest team in the world.

I learned that awards don’t mean everything.

I learned that giving back is more important than just giving.

I learned that no matter how hard I try, I still over react to stupid stuff.

I learned to appreciate my time on this planet – as it could be taken away in the blink of an eye.

Thank you for making this year a wonderful learning experience. Thank you for helping me get back on my feet. And thank you for being there when I needed it most.  I will never forget this year. Or the lessons I learned.

Warmest wishes for a happy holiday season.





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