Why I love doing what I do

Recently, someone asked me if I miss ‘consumer’ advertising. He wondered if I missed the challenge of working on big brands with big budgets. I said, “no — I don’t miss it at all.” He seemed surprised. I guess he didn’t realize how much I love doing what I do.  He asked me why I loved it so much.

This is what I said (although not necessarily in this order):

I love when someone presents an idea and they can’t stop smiling. I love when you’re on the way to a client presentation and you know you’ve nailed the assignment. I love when someone reads a card that says ‘and the winner is Draftfcb Healthcare.’ I love when I’m surprised. I love when something that makes no sense suddenly makes perfect sense. I love when I care so much about an idea that I dream about it. I love when I’m interviewing someone and I can see they’d be a great fit for our team. I love that I miss my team when I’m away on vacation. I love watching people grow into new positions of responsibility. I love seeing the new faces. I love winning pitches. I love presenting in front of strangers.  I love when I get e-mail from Dana and it just says “Wheeeeeee!”  I love when someone tells me how much he or she loves a creative brief. I love when someone laughs so hard they do a spit take. I love when someone gets a new nickname. I love when it’s fun. I love when someone gets promoted. I love when in the middle of a meeting, someone makes an obscure movie reference and everyone knows exactly what he or she is talking about. I love when someone has an ‘ah-ha’ moment. I love it when my time sheets are up-to-date. I love it when it all comes together. I love it when it’s all a shit show. I love it when you think you’ll never come up with a solution. I love it when everything that comes out of your mouth sounds smart. I love it when things look darkest, you can find plenty of people to help you work it out.

And that’s when I realized it had nothing to do with ‘consumer’ advertising. It was that every day I have the good fortune to work with an incredibly talented group of people.  Thank you for everything you do. Have a happy holiday.

— Rich