This Blog As A Word Cloud

Just for laughs, I created a word cloud from the past month of blog posts. Interesting. In one of my very first posts, I yelled at a student for using the word ‘like’ in a sentence 17 times. And look at my word cloud. The second most used word is ‘like.’ Maybe I owe someone an apology.

Most used words:
Day, like, song, woman, love, know, really, people, think, man.

Let’s see, what would a sentence look like using only those words – I know, I really like a day when people, man, woman, know a love song and think. Perfect.

I’ll probably create one of these every few weeks just to make sure I’m not using the word ‘like’ too much.

Oh, and by the way, I’m concerned to see ‘college’ and ‘fetish’ come up so closely together. That could be dangerous.

1.24.12 (PM)

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