What’s on your iPhone?

Did you ever look that the 25 most played songs on your iPhone or iPod playlist? I was shocked at the songs I listen to more than any other. When I looked at the list I started thinking why are these at the top? What mood enhancer does this song do for me? Why do I start with this song and move on from there? Here are the top 25 songs in order from my iPhone playlist.

1) Stray Cat Strut. Huh? Of all the songs on my iPhone this is #1? I know that I’ve been listening to it because I’ve been trying to learn how to play it on the guitar, but I was shocked to see this at #1.

2) Heart of Gold. This I understand. Neil Young is one of my favorite artists, and this song is one of the first I ever learned to play. I expected this at the top.

3) Suite – Judy Blue Eyes. Like the #2 selection, this song takes me back, I love to play it, listen to it and sing to it.

4) Melissa. Allman Brothers Band at its best. I love this song. I love that I really can’t play this. But I can completely believe it’s in my top five.

5) Wish You Were Here. Ah, Pink Floyd. Another oldie but goodie. I’m only surprised that there wasn’t more Pink Floyd in my top 25.

6) Here Comes The Sun. The Beatles finally crack the top 10 on my playlist. And it’s a George Harrison song. No surprise. I liked the quiet Beatle. And I love this song.

7) Sweet Home Alabama. Do you think my musical tastes are all over the place? In college I went through a huge Southern Rock faze. Lynyrd Skynard, Marshall Tucker, The Outlaws. They were always on my turntable. And obviously, still in my heart.

8) Brown Sugar. Back to the British Invasion. I love Keith Richards. (I loved his book.) Nothing like a little Keith and Mick to get the heart pumping in the morning.

9) Hotel California.
This was the biggest song of my college days. I still remember exactly what I was doing when I first heard this song on the college radio station. Of course, I can’t repeat it here.

10) The Man Who Sold The World. Great David Bowie song, but on my playlist, it’s the Nirvana unplugged version. What can you say. Pure passion. Great voice. Fantastic song.

11-25) I lot of repeat artist. In order, Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, Beatles, The Youngbloods, Green Day, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, David Bowie, The White Stripes, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin (I’m shocked that they came in at #24) and finally Amos Lee.

I’ve listened to these songs hundreds of times. I love them all. I listened to them this morning. I’ll probably listen to them again this evening. If I was stuck on an island with only these 25 songs, I’d be OK.

Oh, while I’m on the subject of music, farewell to Etta James. Love that voice. I danced to ‘At Last’ at my wedding. It will always have a special place in my heart.

I’d love to hear what’s the #1 song on your playlist. Please write a comment below.


3 thoughts on “What’s on your iPhone?

  1. Interesting. Kevin Rudolph “Let it Rock” is my #1 at the moment.

    Probably due to being back in the gym, so my California Mix gets a lot of play. 🙂


    • Some maybe, but certainly not all. For example, right now I’m listening to The Indigo Girls “Closer to Fine” but that only because I’m learning to play it on the guitar. Although, it IS a great song.


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