Three Great Ideas Virtually Nobody Has Seen.

I love great ideas. I love when we all are watching something and talk about it. I love when a few people come in to my office and say, “I wish I thought of that.” And recently that happened with the Carrie movie promo “telekinesis coffee shop” video that showed up on YouTube.  As of this morning, 39 million people have viewed the video. I’ve attached the link in case you haven’t seen it.  It’s really fun.

But I also wanted to show you three other ideas.  I love all three of these and less than 100,000 people have viewed these videos.  I think all are amazing.  They get me in my heart and in my head. They all make me feel something and think something.

I wish I had created all of these.

#1 – The Call Girl Next Door – This is an amazing idea that took a very simple idea and made it a national phenomenon. And while this took place half way around the world, the idea is so simple; it could have been done anywhere. How many views on YouTube? 90.  I love this. It should have 9 million views.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

#2 – 12th Man – This video has the most views of any. A little over 60,000. And yet the idea was so simple. The results so amazing. I instantly said, “I wish I had done this.” Of course, it’s incredibly sad that this APP had to be created. It’s incredibly foreign to us in the USA that these rights could be taken away. But this is proof that a simple idea can unite people. Enjoy.


#3 – September Surprise – This is a heart-warming story of a little girl with cancer. And an idea to make her feel special, while she was dealing with her illness. I can’t watch this without thinking about how I should be doing more to help people. Only 41,000 people have watched this video.  I think its special.

What makes these special?  They’re simple. They’re true. They could have easily have been done before, but nobody did it. And they force you to have a response. I think you can’t watch these without feeling something.

And that’s what good advertising is supposed to do.  Make you have a response.




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