Rich for Pope

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but I think I was meant to be the next Pope. Let’s look at the chain of events.

1) Yesterday I mentioned to someone at work that I thought I’d be a great pope. Within a few minutes, she had made a custom-made Pope hat for me. Miraculously, it fit perfectly.

2) Last night when I left the office, I placed the hat on the floor of my office to go out with the days’ trash.

This morning when I arrived at the office. I found this ‘sign.’ A perfect rainbow on my hand-made Pope hat.

Now, I take signs very seriously. So beginning right now, I’m campaigning for pope.  Here are my qualifications:


On the PLUS Side:

1)   I’m organized

2)   I’m good with people

3)   I’m tolerant

4)   I’m mostly kind

5)   I’m not too sarcastic – although a planner who used to work here would probably disagree

6)   I like Italy

7)  I know a few words in Latin

8)   I played Jesus in ‘Godspell’ – so at least I know the gospel according to St. Matthew

9)   In high school, I dated a girl who went to Catholic school

On the DOWN Side:

1)   I’m not Catholic

2)   I’m married

3)   I have children

4)   I have absolutely no experience with the Catholic church.

And while those may seem like huge obstacles to overcome, I’m used to doing the impossible.  Just last week, a client said the work we create was ‘heavenly.’  I think that’s another sign.

So until I hear otherwise, I think I’m a pretty good candidate. Please comment here, as I’d love to hear your thoughts on my chances of becoming Pope.

Oh, and Happy Ash Wednesday.  See – I’m already getting with the program.

R (Soon to be known as Matthew James the First)



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