I’m huge in Hong Kong!

I don’t know why I’m so surprised.

Yesterday I looked at the global map of my blog and was shocked at the number of different countries my readers are coming from. In all, 26 different countries are represented in the last 7 days. Wow. I don’t know why, but I guess I was a little surprised. I thought I knew everyone who was reading this. Friends, co-workers and even my FIT students. But 26 countries? That was a surprise.

But then I started thinking ‘why isn’t anyone reading from France? I mean, I have readers from the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Belgium, so why not France? Do I not make enough Jerry Lewis references? Is it because I haven’t seen ‘The Artist?” Or perhaps my smart ass comments don’t translate into French.  I’ll have to ask one of my friends who is from France to give me some secret coded message that only people in France will understand. Maybe that will work.

I assumed that English-speaking countries would have the greatest number of readers. It makes sense that readers are coming from the USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh and the British Virgin Islands.  But I have to admit that I was surprised at the volume of readers from Taiwan, The Republic of Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, Israel, Malaysia, Argentina, Brazil and the Philippines.

But I was equally surprised that none of my people – my heritage – have been to my site. Where are the Russians? My Polish brothers? The Greeks? Heck, I’m 1/4 Turkish – come on and read! You can read your newspapers later in the day. Make my blog a part of your morning with’ a glass tea.’

And finally, I’m also surprised that I have no readers from the Czech Republic. Hey, I just visited your country this summer. I was going to post some pictures of your beautiful corner of the world so more tourists would visit. But maybe now I won’t. You have to get here and read first. (Of course, if I put the photos up, maybe you will come.)

Oh, and one last thing. Thank you for reading. Thank you for coming back day after day. Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to spend it with me. After all – this wouldn’t be any fun without you.

Au revoir

3 thoughts on “I’m huge in Hong Kong!

  1. I can be a drag sometimes so I’m going to rain on your parade (LOL). Are those stats from a generic stat monitor? If so, I suspect those stats are skewed because it logs every “bot” crawl to your site making them unreliable for true accurate data. Often times I wish it were more accurate but I can’t believe my fishing blog gets that much traffic either. If the stats on my Web blog were accurate I’d be encouraged to take up journalism.

    I love technology so believe me, the stats are not entirely accurate unless your paying for an independent service just for stats.


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