Award Winning Print Campaigns

I love print. The perfect image. A tightly crafted headline. Beautiful design. Great ideas.

I’ve decided to attach some of my favorites from the past few years. I like the simplicity. I like the fact that someone actually sold these ideas to a client. I love that they all have an interesting simple idea. And that they happen to be beautifully executed. Enjoy.

This is a very simple idea using striking visuals and ‘stealing’ a device to get the message home with today’s digital generation.

A global campaign to get the message across — get sick overseas — we can help. Take a look.

This organization has had a history of doing great work. I love this campaign. The thought “write a different history” is simple and powerful. I hope you like it.

Love them or hate them, this organization did a great job with the “David versus Goliath” campaign from my sister DRAFTFCB office.

I hope you enjoyed these campaign. All great. All award winners. All effective. I’d love to know which one you preferred. Please fill out the poll below. Have a great weekend.

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