The Worst Kept Secret In The World

Every now and then, you keep a secret thinking that nobody else knows – because you were told not to tell anyone.

And then you find out everyone knows.

So, here it is. I’m letting everyone know.

I’m going to be teaching a Senior Portfolio Class beginning Thursday night, February 2nd. If you’re going to take my class, it’s going to be a lot of fun and a lot of work.

Here are the things to bring to the first class:

1 – Thick skin – yes, I plan to be brutally honest
2 – Your portfolio – and if we’ve met and I’ve given you feedback, I’d suggest making some changes before the first class.
3 – A sketchbook and a marker – yes, we’re going to be drawing
4 – Your favorite ad of all time – find something. A print ad. A website. Bring it to class.
5 – A campaign you hate – same story. Find something you hate. We’ll talk about why it’s not that good.

Now here’s the other part of the secret. I’m not teaching alone. I plan to bring guest speakers to as many classes as possible. I have working for me a group of very talented writers and art directors who were in your shoes just last year. They can talk about their portfolios. Interview nightmares. What they wore to their interviews. And basically give you a ‘real world’ assessment of what it’s like to work in advertising.

Not to mention what it’s like to work for me.

Hmmmm, on second thought, maybe I’ll skip the guest speakers. Anyway, it’s going to be fun. And I’m looking forward to it. So, I’ll see you on February 2nd.

I still plan to write during the holiday break, so check back often. I grade better when my blog gets a lot of page views.

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