Working The Weekend

A career in advertising is a lot of fun.

But it also means working nights and weekends.  If you don’t want to work on the weekend, don’t try a career in advertising.  Try something else.  Because the only way to be successful, the only way to pay your dues, the only was to go from good to great is to put in the extra time.

It’s not all that bad. Here’s one of the advantages of working on the weekend.  First of all, there are usually very few people in the office, so you get really good quality time.  I can usually do 2-3 days worth or work done in one day.  The phone isn’t ringing.  The e-mail isn’t going off.  And there are not a lot of meetings. And finally, someone is bound to buy lunch.  So sometimes it’s a pretty good deal.

Of course, in the Winter, you have to remember to ask office services for heat. And in the Summer, air conditioning is an important request. And don’t forget your building pass, because there’s nobody at reception to let you in the building.  But other than that it’s OK.

Now, why is there a crew working the weekend.

Because we haven’t cracked the big idea for one of our clients.  It not to say that we don’t have a lot of ‘almost’ big ideas, or a bunch of ‘really good’ ideas.  But not THE idea.  So we don’t stop. We keep going. We keep trying.

We know THE idea is out there.  We just have to reach into the deepest recesses of our brains and find it.  That’s why we made to the choice to be creative people.  So solve these problems. To come up with the big idea. To be heroes

And sometimes that means working weekends.

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