You Can Go Home Again — Returning To Temple University

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.08.36 PM

I graduated from Temple University before 1/3 of my creative department was born. I’m almost embarrassed to say, that I hadn’t been back on campus since I picked up my diploma. All that changed last Thursday.  I was invited to speak on campus about healthcare advertising. I was nervous. I was excited. I couldn’t wait.

I was met in the parking lot by the Director of Career Services. She walked me to her office and then graciously allowed me to camp out there all day. Throughout the day I met the Dean, the Chair of the Advertising Department and other members of the faculty. I also got to meet with some incredible students.  It was inspiring to see what the University had planned for the future of the department. It was great to listen to the dreams of the students. And I was in awe of the campus that had grown and improved dramatically since my last visit. (By the way — the Tech Center is absolutely amazing.)

About 150 students came to my lecture. Many asked questions. Several stayed after to ask one-on-one questions. I met a future Account Executive star, several incredible graphic designers, art directors and writers.  I was impressed. And I’m not easily impressed.

But I think the thing I liked the most was the hunger that everyone displayed. The faculty wanted to know my thoughts on how to make things better. Career Services wanted to know how to best prepared their students for the real world. And the students wanted to find a way to intern, get a job, keep in contact and get better in their craft before they had to leave for the real world.

Temple University students are hungry. To improve. To prove they’re just as good as the “advertising school” grad students. To make a difference.  I’ve always been proud to say that I’m a graduate from Temple University. Last Thursday only made me more proud.

Well done Owls.



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