My New Favorite Advertising Idea

You have to watch this video. You have to share this with everyone you know. You have to help Mollie’s Fund change behavior around the world.  The first time I watched this video my heart skipped a beat. Granted, I knew the punchline. I heard about this idea months ago in an office when the creative team was pitching the idea.  I loved it then. I loved it even more after the production.

Now it’s your turn.  Share it. View it. Spread the word.  If we can save one person, we did our job.  If we can save thousands, it would be a miracle.  If we can save hundreds of thousands, then our work would be done.

Thank you all in advance.



One thought on “My New Favorite Advertising Idea

  1. Hi Rich, Thanks for sharing!
    I just be aware of your blog and that I’ll follow assiduously.
    This is a really great idea … I would have loved to have !!
    Thanks, See you
    Just a little comment (not too complicated) of a Frenchy (obviously) complicated


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