I’m addicted to Netflix

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Hello, my name is Rich and I’m a Netflixaholic.

Lately I’m always tired. And just when I think I’ve had enough for one night, a little pop up box shows up and says ‘your next episode will being in 7 seconds’ and I can’t say ‘no.’

It started with Breaking Bad.

I went away on a trip with some friends and they were all talking about how much I’d like Breaking Bad.  I had my iPad with me, so I fired up Netflix and watched Season 1, Episode 1.  By the time I finally went to sleep that night, I knew the life story of Walter White, Jesse, Skylar, Hank, Marie and Walter, Junior.  I think I also spent some quality time with Skinny Pete, Badger & Combo.  I was hooked.  Every night before I went to sleep, I would watch 2-3 episodes.  Tuco, Gus, Steve Gomez, Tio Salamanca, Krazy-8, Eliot and Gretchen Schwartz all became a part of my life. Soon I’d be quoting my favorite characters Lydia, Saul and Mike.  I loved this show.

But the bad news – try falling asleep after watching 3 episodes of Breaking Bad. It was not that easy.

Luckily, there were only 5 glorious seasons to watch.  Yes, I burned through all 5 seasons in 3 weeks. And I realized that this show was a little like driving past a car accident. You know you shouldn’t slow down and look but you always do.  You knew this show was a wreck. You knew the characters couldn’t survive all the crazy stuff. But you kept watching because you were never sure.  I was shocked by the final 5 episodes. The twists and turns were mind blowing.

But that was only the beginning of the addiction. Next up was House of Cards.

I had no intention of watching the entire first season of House of Cards in 1 week. I always liked Kevin Spacey. The Usual Suspects is one of my favorite movies. His work in the 90s is amazing. American Beauty, LA Confidential, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (love the book), Hurlyburly and of course, Glengarry Glen Ross. But he hadn’t done anything that I would call ‘amazing’ in years. I’m not a huge fan of Robin Wright. In fact, off the top of my head, the only films I could recall are The Princess Bride and Hurlyburly.

Then I watched Chapter 1. Wow. Did Kevin Spacey really do that? Did he just talk to the camera? I’m in awe of Robin Wright. I hate Zoe Barnes. I feel bad for Peter Russo. I want to punch Remy Danton. And hey, isn’t that Dana Gordon from Entourage playing a newspaper reporter?  This show is amazing. Amazing. Let me say that again. Amazing.

I’m now watching two chapters a night.  I want to watch them all before the new season starts in February. Although I can’t imagine how there’s a second season. I’ve watched the first 12 episodes. There’s only one more. The house has to fall down soon. This can’t continue.

But it seems like I said the same thing about Breaking Bad.  Hmmmm, maybe this can continue and I just enjoy watching the car wreck.

So now I’m beginning to decide what to begin next.  Yes, I’m truly a Netflixaholic.

Here are the shows everyone is telling me I should watch next. And yes, I’ve never watched a single episode all of these. (Except Newsroom – I watched 3 episodes on a plane once.)

What do you think?

Here’s to another sleepless night. And in the voice of Jesse Pinkman – Have a great weekend, bitches.



5 thoughts on “I’m addicted to Netflix

  1. It was Netflix DVD that enabled my addiction to The Wire a few years ago. The television series I had been working on was on hiatus, so I got to spend my unemployment watching 3-5 episodes a day. It was fantastic. And I don’t think I saw the sun for three weeks.

    Side note: I LOVE Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil. Spacey’s performance is terrific in that film, and I find few people ever mention it.


  2. I love binge watching shows on Netflix. I would highly recommend Orange is the New Black! And they just released American Horror Story Asylum on Netflix… also a good one, if you haven’t seen it.


  3. Damages! Glenn Close is amazing. I’ve seen the first three seasons and loved them all. I’ve heard they go downhill after that. I binged through House of Cards as well and it is amazing.


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