What did you do during your holiday break?


In case you’re interested I did the following (but not in this order):

  • Went skiing
  • Had drinks with friends (a few times)
  • Hosted New Years Eve
  • Played a lot of guitar
  • Hosted friends for the weekend
  • Helped teach someone to snowboard (keep in mind, I don’t snowboard)
  • Opened gifts
  • Ate a lot
  • Cooked a lot
  • Went out to dinner a few times
  • Slept
  • Played Madden 13 on both a Wii (which I know how to control) and an Xbox (which I don’t)
  • Opened Champagne
  • Harassed a 10 year old (It’s a long story)
  • Ate chocolate covered pretzels and cashews
  • Took pictures
  • Danced to 70’s disco classics
  • Entered a ‘dead pool’
  • Sent out holiday cards a week too late
  • Looked at work e-mail exactly 2 times

Things I didn’t do

  • Watch TV – I did not watch a single TV show over the break
  • Hurt myself skiing (which I do from time to time)
  • Do any impulse shopping
  • Look at FACEBOOK
  • Read a book (which is unusual for me)
  • Say “Boy, I wish I was at work today”
  • Have a guitar lesson
  • Go to the bagel store (which I do all the time)
  • Go to the hardware store
  • Fill up may car with gas

So that’s about it. I spent the past week doing a lot of nothing. Which is exactly what I needed. I’m looking forward to the new year.  Here’s to doing a lot of good stuff in 2013.

By the way – My new office has a view of the Empire State Building. I’ll post the view out my window from time to time.



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