Calling All Guitar Players

I’ve hit the wall.

I’ve run out of ideas of songs to ask my guitar teacher to work on with me. Perhaps I’m tackling too many songs at once. Perhaps my teacher is throwing too many at me too quickly. Perhaps I can’t see some obvious choices right in front of me.

Here’s what I’m working on right now:

Proud Mary – Creedence Clearwater Revival version – this is a lot of fun (a crowd favorite as my teacher calls it). I learned the song in about 45 minutes. It’s really easy. Now I’m working on the guitar solos that I’ll only play if I’m playing with someone else.

Someone Like You – Adele – Yes, I’m working on arpeggios. The interesting thing about this song is that unless you sing along, it really sucks. The music itself is nothing special. And really not that fun to play. And for those of you who have heard me sing – you know that’s nothing special, too.

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People – is a request from my son to learn something from this decade. (Adele doesn’t count) This song has 4 notes in it. If Proud Mary took 45 minutes to learn, this took 3 minutes. But I have to admit, I enjoy playing this song and it’s definitely a fun sing along song.

Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley version – fingerpicking drills. I hate fingerpicking drills. But this song is so damn pretty, it makes it fun. I wish I could sing like Jeff Buckley. Nobody can except him. Great song.

Dear Mr. Fantasy – Traffic – every now and then, I hear a song and wonder if it would be fun to play. This is a very, very simple song (except the guitar solos which are not easy). I love the idea of this song more than I love playing it. Taking a very electric song and trying it out acoustically.

Now I need your help.

Please comment below on some fun songs you think a (sort of) beginner should know how to play. Added bonus – songs with F and Bm chords. For some reason, I suck at both F and Bm. So I’m looking for songs with a lot of F and Bm chords in them. That will force me to practice them a lot. I need to get better – as virtually every song has either F or Bm in the song.

Thanks in advance. Oh, and songs from this century would be greatly appreciated, but not required.


4 thoughts on “Calling All Guitar Players

  1. The singer from “Train” kind of reminds me of you. Why don’t you learn that song “Hey Soul Sister.”
    Anything Bob Marley is always a good staple.
    The Beatles’ “Oh! Darling” is a really good one.
    “White Room” by Cream – that’s got some F chords in it.

    And I’m a big fan of 70s folk music, so how about “Danny’s Song.” I think that’s got a bunch of Bm. You know that song? It’s the one that goes “Even though we ain’t got money I’m so in love with you honey and every thing will bring a chain of loooooove…”

    When you’ve got those down give me a call. I play bass for you.


  2. Not a guitar player, but anything Jack Johnson is cool. All around cool guy.
    “Better together”, “Banana pancakes” are my favorites. And I have a video of Christine singing Adel is you need vocals…maybe not.


  3. Pixies “Here comes your man.” Alice in Chains “Would” U2 “Bad.” Jane’s Addiction “Ocean Size.” Smashing Pumpkins “Mayonaise.” Especially Mayonaise.

    (I am just listing my favorite songs, and obviously I cannot play a guitar. I just think people need to learn these songs so they never ever ever die).


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