When it snows in England, everything shuts down

I really like this blog. It has great photography and is an interesting read. Just thought I’d share what someone else is writing.

snacks & adventure

This past weekend, it snowed in Cambridge, which happens once a year if we’re lucky.  In the middle of a driving snowstorm, I dragged my poor husband – who was on a huge deadline at work – outside for a walk.  The man is a saint.

I hopped out of bed the next morning and wandered around Cambridge for three hours with my camera the next morning, although not much of the snow stuck to the buildings – which made it less scenic than I had hoped.  The city was pretty quiet, especially when I first headed out the door at 9 am, but by noon every open space was covered with people making snowmen, from the cemetery to the sidewalk.

I was so busy taking photos that I forgot that I had pledged to spend Super Bowl Sunday eating.  Oops.

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