Yet Another Conversation With My Son – Part 4

My wife is out of town this week. So it’s guy week around the Levy household. It also leaves a lot of time of interesting conversation. Here are a few of my favorites from the past few days.

Girl Trouble
Son: Dad, why does Gina (name changed) keep hitting me?
Me: I think that’s her way of showing you that she likes you.
Son: By hitting me? That doesn’t make any sense.
Me: But that’s the point, she can’t make sense of how she’s feeling, so hitting you seems like the right thing to do.
Son: Oh, that’s weird.
Me: It’s actually kind of cute.
Son: Is that what people mean when they say someone is ‘hitting on them?’
Me: Probably. That seems right.

Being A Fan
Son: Are you rooting for the Giants or the Patriots?
Me: I don’t know. I guess the Giants. But only because the Colts aren’t in it this year.
Son: What if the Colts played the Giants, would you root for the Colts?
Me: 100%.
Son: I think I’m rooting for the Giants. But if the Patriots win, I’ll switch to them.
Me: That’s not how it works; you root for one team win or lose.
Son: Do you hate all teams from Boston?
Me: I wouldn’t say hate ….
Son: So I can be a Red Sox fan?
Me: No.
Son: Mets?
Me: No.
Son: Orioles?
Me: OK, you can root for the Orioles.
Son: But that’s only because the Orioles stink, right?
Me: Yes.
Son: Just like the Colts.

Cell Phone
Son: Dad, when can I have a cell phone?
Me: Not yet.
Son: I know not yet, but when. Next year? The year after that?
Me: Why do you want a cell phone?
Son: To call you when I need you.
Me: There are phones everywhere. You can use any phone to call me.
Son: I can’t send a text message.
Me: True.
Son: And I can’t contact you if I get into a bus accident on the way home from school.
Me: True.
Son: And I can’t call you to pick me up from the mall.
Me: Wait, you have never been to the mall by yourself.
Son: That’s because I don’t have a cell phone.

So that’s what’s on the mind of a 9-year-old. Cell phones, sports and getting ‘hit on’ by girls. Ahhhh, it never ends.


One thought on “Yet Another Conversation With My Son – Part 4

  1. Ah the cell phone! I think it was at age 9 that I went against the grain and got my son a basic mobile phone. I was completely against my kids having a phone so young however what turned me to the idea was watching an episode of “Americas Most Wanted” (I believe that was the show).

    There was a story that broke how a young child was abducted and later found because of mobile phone tracking. The thought of losing a child to an abduction fed my fears and I went and got my son a phone along with mobile tracking. We were able to setup alerts when my son arrived at school by bus and another alert when he left school. We even setup an alert to let us know if he left our town; God forbid!

    He never used it for phone calls because what 9 year old has a social life; lol. But it did give us a bit of security (or the hope of security) to know that we could locate our son via the web or a mobile phone.

    My son is now 12 and in middle school with an upgraded smartphone where all his friends have high tech devices. Had I not seen that coverage about the child abduction I probably would have caved for my son’s phone when he got to middle school.

    The dreaded mobile phone, it’s a tough call when to get one.


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