I Need To Kick Start My Exercise Routine & Stupid Conversations

They say the best way to begin something is to tell as many people as humanly possible you’re going to do it. So, I’m announcing it here. I have to start exercising more. A lot more. And I’m going to start on Wednesday, February 1st. Really. I swear. No kidding. Honest. (I hope.)

I used to exercise. I even belong to a gym. A gym I haven’t been to in over a year. I have workout equipment in my basement. I have a treadmill. My 9 year old uses it more than me. I used to exercise every morning before I went to work. I’d get up early and go into my basement. For 8 months I was religious about it. Then suddenly I stopped. I think I got a cold and never started up after I was feeling better.

My wife even commented how good I was looking. I was getting positive reinforcement from everyone. I have shed almost 20 pounds. I was feeling stronger, looking better, feeling better and had a great attitude. Then it all went to hell.

I don’t know how it happened.

My wife often comments that I’m an ‘all in’ or ‘all out’ kind of person. When I do something – I don’t do it half way. I go in with all guns firing or not at all. That I’m not a halfway person. I guess I see that in myself. I do get fanatical about certain things. I also lose interest in things quickly.

So, here it is. Wednesday is the day. I plan to get up early and work out every morning. And by every morning, I mean every morning. Monday through Friday. I know if I take a day off, I’ll stop completely. I need an every day routine.

I promise I will report back to you monthly to let you know if I’ve stuck to my program. If I see you in the office, I want you to ask me about my workouts. If I see you in the classroom and I look tired, it’s because I’m getting up early. And if you see me eating a jelly donut – remind me that I’m supposed to be watching my diet, too.

In other words, if I fail – it’s your fault. (Not really)

Stupid Conversations – A follow-up

A few weeks ago, I told you about a conversation I had with two women on a chairlift. You know, about having children that are 27 and 9-years-old, and how it couldn’t be from the same wife. Well, these same two women cornered me again this weekend. I wanted to kill myself. Here’s the conversation:

Woman #1: You’re the guy with the two wives, right?
Me: What?
Woman #1: The kids who are 20 from one wife and a young kid from wife #2.
Me: Yes, that’s me.
Woman #1: What do you call them? Wife #1 and wife #2?
Woman #2: Doesn’t that imply there will be a wife #3 or wife #4?
Me: (With disgust in my voice) I call my wife ‘my wife’ and my ex – I don’t call her anything. I call her by name if I need to refer to her.
Woman #1: Oh, so the first wife is like Voldemort from Harry Potter ‘She who must not be named.’
Me: Not exactly.

At this point I refused to engage in conversation.

So, that’s it for today. I’m starting to exercise, and I still think these woman have some baggage they’re not revealing. Interesting.


5 thoughts on “I Need To Kick Start My Exercise Routine & Stupid Conversations

  1. Monthly progress report is no good. We need a weekly progress report for February…then you can go to once a month. I’ve been sick/hurt since 12/23 and just started working out over the weekend: ankle problem, sick, etc….so I’m with you! GT


  2. OK, so you may not know this, but count me in too.
    It’s a similar back-story (I exercised 6-7 days a week for a stretch, and then never. No in-between). I joined a gym over Christmas out of anger. At myself. I simply refuse to go up one pants size. Refuse. I’ve been the same number since high school. Suddenly having my metabolism laugh in my face, and seeing large portions of my wardrobe suddenly off limits? Not fun.
    So I joined the gym. I go every Saturday and Sunday, with a promise to myself to go a minimum of 1 time a week during the week. So far I’ve stuck to it, and the pants all fit again.
    The added bonus: maybe I won’t drop dead because of my previous “no-cardio, all-brownie” workout routine.
    I don’t want to bench press 350 pounds again like when I played football in college. I just want to fit into my Levis. Not too much to ask. So far so good – I even enjoy the whole painful process. Just don’t expect a weekly report.
    Not that you wanted one.


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