Morning Conversations With My Son – Part 2

A lot of people have commented how much they enjoyed my post regarding my morning conversations with my 9-year-old. So here are a few more that happened in the last 72 hours.

Spring Break
Son: Dad, can we go to Morocco over Spring break?
Me: Wow, Morocco? You know, your sisters want to come with us; maybe you should ask them what they want to do.
Son: Kristen wants to go somewhere with castles.
Me: You mean like France or Germany?
Son: I have a good idea, Mali. You know, Mali is one of the oldest kingdoms in all of Africa.
Me: I don’t think that what Kristen means.
Son: Maybe Kristen didn’t learn about Mali when she was in school. You know, she was in school a long time ago.
Me: I wouldn’t mention that to her.

Internet Status
Son: Did you know that Gmail now has status like FACEBOOK?
Me: I didn’t know that.
Son: I’m going to write something.
Me: What are you writing?
Son: That Jimmy (name changed) threw up on the bus this morning on the way to school, and had to be taken home.
Me: Maybe that should be his status and not yours.
Son: I had to smell it. I think I should get something out of it.
Me: Good point.

Body Hair
Son: When did you start shaving?
Me: I don’t know, early, around 13 or 14. Why?
Son: I think I have to start shaving soon. I’m getting this mustache and my legs are getting all hairy.
Me: I see.
Son: Also, some of the girls in my class think I should pluck my eyebrows.
Me: Why do they think that?
Son: They’re just looking out for me, so I don’t get a uni-brow.
Me: Did they actually use the word uni-brow?
Son: Yea, but only when they were talking about one of the other girls.

Son: Dad, why are boy underwear called underwear and girl underwear called panties?
Me: You know, that’s a good question. But there are all different names. Boys have boxers and briefs.
Son: And girls have panties and thongs.
Me: Thongs?
Son: Dad, I’ve been to the beach, I know what a thong is.
Me: Really.
Son: They seem really uncomfortable. Like a wedgie all the time.
Me: I wouldn’t know.
Son: How come boys don’t have thongs.
Me: (This is where I messed up) I don’t know, boys don’t have bras either.
Son: You know, Mr. Smith (name changed) should wear a bra. He’s got boobs.

So, in case you wondering what’s on the mind of a 9-year-old. Here it is. Most of the dialogue is as accurate as I can remember. And if you see Mr. Smith, please don’t stare at his man boobs.


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