How To Succeed In Advertising

I’m about to give you a secret about how to succeed in advertising. How to climb the career ladder. How to sit in the big office.  How to make the big bucks. It’s so simple, that you won’t believe how effective it can be.  In fact it’s not something to do, but something NOT to do. Something NOT to say. Something NOT to think.

Here it is. If you want to get ahead in this business NEVER say these words:

‘It’s not my job.’

It’s that simple. If you have enough talent to get hired at an agency, then use that talent to do everything you can to make your agency succeed. Run a workshop – it’s not your job, but could impress some people (not to mention clients). Work the weekend on a new assignment that’s in trouble – not on any job description but will certainly be appreciated. Someone has a problem – help him/her find a solution.

‘It’s not my job’ is the fastest way to not having a job at all.

Today, everyone is expected to do more. Everyone is expected to help the organization succeed. If your co-worker fails at a project – it should make you mad – since the entire agency failed.

I can tell you from personal experience that I’m currently doing multiple jobs that aren’t in my personal job description. And I don’t care. In fact, I asked for the responsibility. I wanted to do these tasks because I felt I could make a difference. (Hopefully, I am.)

Never once have I said, ‘you know, that’s not my job.’  Which is basically like saying, ‘You know, you don’t matter enough for me to take the time to help.’

Now, it’s completely acceptable to say ‘I don’t know, but I can find out.’ Or even, ‘I really don’t have to right experience for that assignment, and may do more harm than good – but I’m willing to try.’

But don’t say ‘it’s not my job.’

If you are always helping out, always chipping in, always putting the company’s interest first, you will get noticed. You will get the raises. You will succeed. You won’t even have to ask – it will just happen. Because people notice. People talk. And the best way to succeed it to have multiple people talking about you. In a good way. There is nothing like positive buzz about a person. It starts by being that ‘go-to’ person when something needs to get done that important.

Actually, it really starts by never saying ‘it’s not my job.’


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