Round and Round and Round I Go

So I have this question that I’ve been debated around and around in my mind…do I hire the intern that is ready to jump in to the workforce, fit in immediately, and potentially get a job right away ? Or do I hire someone who has good ideas, and doesn’t know how to get them down on paper ?

Do I hire potential ?

For the past two weeks I’ve been meeting students from FIT for potential Spring internships at the agency. But I’ve been also looking for people who could fit into the agency with a full time job once they graduate in May.

What I saw was both great and not so great.

A few students were ready. Their work was crisp and well thought out. They could present their ideas clearly. They had a clue. I hired one on the spot. She starts soon.

But then there were the other students. Their work was OK. At best. One student (and I’m not exaggerating because I counted) used the work “like” 17 times in one sentence. “So, like, I was like thinking, that like, I’d like try to like get people to, you know, like be interested in like going to ……..” this is about the time when I stopped listening and wanted to poke a pencil in my eye. Here’s the sad part, she had talent. But I couldn’t hire her.

The next student had work that was presented in such a sloppy portfolio that I couldn’t believe it when she told me that she had been working on it for over a year. Really ? A year ? And this is the best you can do ?  And again, the sad part, she had real talent. She could be very good.

Then there was a student that perplexed me. Her ideas were good. Her presentation of her portfolio was fine. But her best work was still in her brain. What she was saying during the interview was far more interesting than what was on the page. I’m debating whether to offer her a position.

And I’ve been going around and around on this for hours.

I really can’t decide. Reward those who have worked hard and who are ready ? Hire potential ?

I’m making my decision by the end of the day. If you happen to be reading this, I’d love your thoughts.

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