Happy Anniversary, Blog.

Tomorrow marks the one-month anniversary of my first blog entry. I have to admit I had no idea how much I’d enjoy writing it and how much I’d enjoy reading your comments. Thank you. Obviously, this wouldn’t be so much fun if nobody was reading. The feedback has been greater than I expected. The traffic is far heavier than I expected. And the weird SPAM I’ve received has been weirder than I expected.

But I have noticed some trends after a month. Here are some thoughts:

My First Few Entries Sucked
Looking back at the first few days – I’m surprised anyone came back to ready my blog. Those first few entries weren’t very good. I think I knew that and that’s why I changed the tone. Remember, only 30 days ago, I was going to write about a daily observation on my 10-block walk from Grand Central. The problem was that nothing interesting was happening. Average daily traffic was around 20 people. Thank you for allowing me to find a voice.

Stupid Stuff = High Traffic
Whether it’s funny stuff that my son says or funny stuff people do on interviews, you like to read about stuff that is hard to believe is true. 100% of the dialogue is true. I change the names of people (especially children). But the words are as close to what was said as possible. By the way, I’m working on a piece that’s all about funny ‘auto correct’ e-mails that I’ve received. Some are amazing.

Tuesday and Wednesday Are The Highest Visited Days.
Maybe people are too busy on a Monday to visit after the weekend. Or perhaps I’m funnier or more interesting in the middle of the week. But when I see a giant spike in traffic, it’s almost always a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Frankly, looking back, I think my posts are more interesting in the middle of the week. But who knows?

People Say Dumb Things
My conversations with people usually end with a punchline. Maybe the people I talk to are funny or sarcastic. Maybe I hear things through a lens of “this would make a great story.” Or perhaps real people saying real things are just funny. That’s why reality TV shows are so popular. When you shine a light at some of the thing real people do or say, they’re just damn funny. On the other hand, perhaps I just hang out with some pretty strange folks. (Can’t be that.)

I’m Not Writing About My Walk To Work
In case you didn’t read the first few posts (you know, the entries that sucked), I was supposed to be writing about the things I observed on my way to work. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve changed my mind. My subheadline “Random Things That Pop Into My Mind” is really the subject of this blog. I think I like this better. I don’t plan on changing the title of my blog. Too many people are Google searching this site. So I plan on continuing my ‘random thoughts.’

The About Rich Levy Section
I’m shocked how many people click on the ‘About’ tab. I think I have to write something more interesting here. Every day, about 5% of the traffic to the blog is on the ‘About’ tab. I apologize that I haven’t written anything interesting in there yet. So look tomorrow. I’m planning on writing a whole new ‘About’ tab tomorrow.

But here’s a preview: I like to write about random things. Hmmmmm, maybe I should put more thought into that.


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Blog.

  1. Interesting that you look at the stats, then again advertising is all about stats right. :o)

    I rarely if ever look at my website stats because my stats are so detailed that the information gets skewed from search engine bots crawling the pages.


  2. Looking forward to the auto correct section. I too have been a victim of this; one in particular was a high profile email to several top execs in which auto correct substituted incontinence for inconvenience. The result was pretty crappy.


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